Check out the AI and Data Science Track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona


DataWorks Summit delivers sessions that bridge the most important issues shaping how enterprises manage, analyze, secure and govern data – including insight into innovations supporting cloud strategies, advanced analytics, containerization, machine learning and AI, and streaming data and analytics. This year we’re excited to have six amazing tracks for you.

The agenda this year offers rich content for both deep technical users and leaders across the entire data ecosystem. You’ll hear from leading researchers, data scientists, analysts and practitioners who are driving innovations in AI and data science. And, as in previous years, all technical sessions are vetted by a track committee made up of experts from leading companies.

If you’re interested in seeing examples of innovative analytics applications and systems for data visualization, statistics, machine learning, cognitive systems and deep learning you won’t want to miss out on the sessions for this track! We’ll show you how to use modern open source workbenches to develop, test, and evaluate advanced AI models before deploying them.

Some of the sessions included in this track that you can expect to see in Barcelona include:

  • Model Factory at ING Bank
  • Better than Deep Learning: Gradient Boosting Machines
  • Introducing Kubeflow (w/ Special Guests Tensorflow and Apache Spark)
  • Apache Spark 2.4 Bridges the Gap Between Big Data and Deep learning
  • Machine Learning at Uber 2019 and Beyond
  • Streaming Topic Model Training and Inference with Apache Flink
  • Deep Learning with DL4J on Apache Spark: Yeah it’s Cool, but are You Doing it the Right Way?
  • Computer Vision: Coming to a Store Near You
  • Democratizing Data Science at Uber: Insights From the First Year of Data Science Workbench
  • Use-case Analysis to Mitigate Value at Risk in Telecom

AI is transforming every industry and data science and machine learning are opening up new doors in process automation, predictive analytics and decision optimization. We look forward to having you join us as we This track will offer sessions spanning the entire data science lifecycle, from development to test and then production.

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