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There’s only a couple weeks until DataWorks Summit Barcelona (March 18-21)! There are a number of impressive speakers lined up for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and talks in the expo theater. These speakers include Felipe Melo and Ruslan Iushchenko from ABSA, and Volker Janz from InnoGames.

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Felipe and Ruslan will be speaking about the need for companies in the financial services to integrate different sources of data into a centralized data lake. ABSA has developed Cobrix, a library that extends Spark SQL API to allow direct reading from binary files generated by mainframes. They will present use cases to illustrate how the library loads data from mainframes into the Hadoop data lake. 

When asked about what they are looking forward to sharing in their session, here’s what they had to say:

“The market for mainframes seems to remain as strong as ever. However, in a new scenario in which companies are starting to invest heavily into becoming data-centric, mainframes are not the best tool out there. From this perspective, we are looking forward to presenting how we are bridging these two worlds – mainframes and Hadoop stack – inside ABSA and to understanding how other how other companies are approaching this problem.”

Volker will be speaking about how InnoGames has built up a powerful data infrastructure to evaluate key performance indicators. In doing so, the company makes effective business decisions and delivers personalized content to every gamer. This session will focus on real-world use cases and live examples.

When asked about what he’s looking forward to about his session, here’s what he had to say:

“I am excited to talk about ice cream and stream processing in games – and learn about different streaming use cases from my peers at DataWorks Summit.”


ABSA Group Limited is a South African financial services provider, offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management. The company is listed on the JSE and is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups with a presence in 12 countries across the continent and around 42 000 employees.


InnoGames GmbH is a German video game developer based in Hamburg. Founded in 2007, it focuses on the development of browser and mobile games. The company now has more than 200 million registered players, across 30 different countries, and 400 employees.

Be sure to check out all the presentations in the breakout sessions and the expo theater to learn more about how data is helping transform businesses around the world. These sessions will surely be ones that you won’t want to miss! Register now and view all the abstracts here.

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