A “planeless” journey into the Clouds (pun intended)


Cloud is happening. As we all know by now, more and more companies are migrating their applications to the Cloud. Some of the first applications considered for migration are Data Analytics apps; a very good reason for this is that the benefits of Cloud are very clear here – for example, rescaling the platforms as more and more data is available is so much easier in the Cloud than on-premise. And this just one benefit amongst many! At this point, I am sure you all know about the advantages of Cloud deployments!

The two most popular Cloud providers, AWS and Azure, are thirteen and nine years old respectively, and the services they offer and how they are used have evolved considerably over the last decade. In recent years we have seen the explosion of PaaS services, and nowadays the range of available PaaS offerings is broader than ever. Moreover, as organizations start to understand the extended benefits of leveraging PaaS services, their adoption is growing exponentially.

In this session we’ll discuss the journey we´ve embarked on with one of our customers, an airline company, to refactor their entire Data Analytics Platform into a pure Cloud solution, leveraging only PaaS services. No, we are not taking away their planes! What we are doing is taking away their concerns when managing complex Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data and Machine Learning platforms, by reducing the required platform management efforts to a bare minimum whilst also increasing efficiency when developing analytics pipelines.

Together we envisioned and executed a 1-year plan to fully migrate all their BI, Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines to this new easy-to-scale architecture hosted on Azure.

In this session we’ll share the lessons learned from this process and other comparable projects we’ve developed for other customers. Come and join us! And if you want to learn more about this journey, or about how we could help you and your business, do not hesitate to contact us!

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