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After the conference, you’ll find the session slides on the DataWorks Summit Web site and SlideShare, and you can review the session recordings of our larger events on YouTube. In fact, check out the SlideShare from last year’s San Jose event for a preview of what’s in store for you at DataWorks Summit 2018.

Reconnect with your Community Roots at DataWorks Summit Washington DC

As part of DataWorks Summit, we’ll be including a wide range of community-focused events to satisfy most interests: come join us for various meetups and Birds of Feathers sessions that are free and open to the greater community. We’re thrilled to feature 7 different meetups the evening before DataWorks Summit on 5/21, ranging in topic […]

Demopalooza @ DWS19 Barcelona

DataWorks Summit Barcelona is around the corner, filled with fantastic keynotes, great sessions and crash courses. To top it off, this year we will repeat a very successful Demopalooza session from DataWorks San Jose in 2018. We handpicked the coolest and most engaging demos covering enterprise IoT, big data, and AI. These demos are coming […]

Building Effective Data Infrastructures to Solve Real Problems

There’s only a couple weeks until DataWorks Summit Barcelona (March 18-21)! There are a number of impressive speakers lined up for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and talks in the expo theater. These speakers include Felipe Melo and Ruslan Iushchenko from ABSA, and Volker Janz from InnoGames. Register for DataWorks Summit Barcelona Felipe and Ruslan will be speaking about […]

Community Mega Meetup @ Barcelona

The Community team is thrilled to announce our upcoming Community Mega Meetup starting at 6pm on Tuesday, March 19 at the Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) to kick off DataWorks Summit. We will be hosting a total of 5 meetup groups for the event: Business Intelligence, Big Data & Advanced Analytics; Apache Flink […]

Women in Big Data: Taking on Top Data Trends in 2019

How has the landscape of Big Data transformed over the past few years? What are the most exciting trends in data and analytics that women and men business leaders need to be aware of?  What will fizzle out in the background? What skills are needed? How are different organizations using data science? Join us on […]

NoSQL Day, the BEST day

It gives me great pleasure to announce Call for Papers for NoSQL Day at DataWorks Summit Washington, DC;  the community event for Apache HBase, Apache Phoenix, and Apache Accumulo. Join us  Tuesday May 21 where committers, contributors and users will gather to celebrate new advancements and deployments in the world of Apache HBase, Phoenix and Accumulo. We are […]

What to Expect from the IoT and Streaming Analytics track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona

We are hearing a lot about “the Edge”, but what does that really entail? Aljoscha Krettek joined us for a Q&A to discuss what you will find in the IoT and Streaming Analytics track at DataWorks Summit Barcelona. As track chair, he is part of the committee that helps shape the topics of discussion in […]

Disaster Recovery Experience at CA-CIB: Hardening Hadoop for Critical Financial Applications

Authored by Mohamed Mehdi Ben Aissa, Credit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform, and Abdelkrim Hadjidj, Cloudera Introduction: Big Data at CA-CIB & CA-GIP Nowadays, information represents the main source of competitiveness and income for businesses. Indeed, having the most reliable information as soon as it’s available means you are ahead of your competitors. However, this comes […]

A “planeless” journey into the Clouds (pun intended)

Cloud is happening. As we all know by now, more and more companies are migrating their applications to the Cloud. Some of the first applications considered for migration are Data Analytics apps; a very good reason for this is that the benefits of Cloud are very clear here – for example, rescaling the platforms as […]

How Rabobank and Zurich Insurance are Leveraging Big Data Technologies

We’re a few weeks away from DataWorks Summit Barcelona (March 18-21)! We have a number of impressive speakers lined up for keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and talks in the expo theater. These speakers include Jeroen Wolffensperger and Edwin Scheepstra from Rabobank, Jose Sánchez from Zurich Insurance, and Abhishek Sakhuja from Everis. Rabobank Rabobank is a worldwide […]





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