Why Kubernetes as a container orchestrator is a right choice for running spark clusters on cloud?

Why Kubernetes as a container orchestrator is a right choice for running spark clusters on cloud?

Thursday, April 19
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Room III

Building and deploying an analytic service on Cloud is a challenge. A bigger challenge is to maintain the service. In a world where users are gravitating towards a model where cluster instances are to be provisioned on the fly, in order for these to be used for analytics or other purposes, and then to have these cluster instances shut down when the jobs get done, the relevance of containers and container orchestration is more important than ever.

Container orchestrators like Kubernetes can be used to deploy and distribute modules quickly, easily, and reliably. The intent of this talk is to share the experience of building such a service and deploying it on a Kubernetes cluster. In this talk, we will discuss all the requirements which an enterprise grade Hadoop/Spark cluster running on containers bring in for a container orchestrator.

This talk will cover in details how Kubernetes orchestrator can be used to meet all our needs of resource management, scheduling, networking, and network isolation, volume management, etc. We will discuss how we have replaced our home grown container orchestrator with Kubernetes which used to manage the container lifecycle and manage resources in accordance to our requirements. We will also discuss the feature list as container orchestrator which is helping us deploy and patch 1000s of containers and also a list which we believe need improvement or can be enhanced in a container orchestrator.

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Rachit Arora
Rachit Arora is a Senior Developer at IBM,India Software Labs. He is key designer of the IBM's offerings on Cloud for Hadoop ecosystem . He has extensive experience in architecture, design and agile developmemt. Rachit is an expert in application development in Cloud architecture and development using hadoop and it's ecosystem. He has been active speaker for BigData technologies in various conference like Information Management Technical Conference-2015 , ContainerCon NA-2016, Container Camp Sydeny 2017 etc.