Synchronicity of a distributed financial system

Synchronicity of a distributed financial system

Thursday, April 19
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Room III

In this presentation we look at the use of the Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) platform application in the finance sector operations. We define the process of deployment and use of the distribution as part of the operations and how the different components are integrated to support real-time payments and banking functionality. Documenting the challenges faced to allow a high performance system that promotes data integrity and real-time visualisation using the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Focusing specially on the use of Apache Zeppelin workbooks across the business as they main information management tool. Our specific approach focus on creating a flexible system that allows fast prototyping and integrated visualisation, monitoring and audit. Demonstrating the use of the HDF distribution on the creation of business domain abstractions to in a real life application of a Domain Driven Design. We implement a cross platform use of Avro, as future prof model and language that is understood by the business and IT areas. Due to the scalability of the platform we can execute payments operations at high rate even across countries at the same time reusing the same architecture to monitor the business operations.

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Luis Caldeira
Chief Architect
Orwell Group
Jose Luis is Group Chief Architect at Orwell Group, producers of the ipagoo a new FinTech challenger multi-entity/country/currency Banking Platform As-A-Service, Compliance As-A-Service. Jose Luis Caldeira was the Lead Architect in Big Data, Information Architecture & financial Crime, taking for 6 years the technology leadership on Information Management, financial crime systems, regulatory reporting as well as introducing new architecture paradigms and technology to the Group.  Information architecture Lead for the PSD2 program. Prior to joining Lloyds Bank, Jose Luis worked in the Santander Group as Lead UK Architect for the Migration of the Cahoot bank. Integration of the Alliance & Leicester Bank web into the Santander Systems. Responsible for the group strategy for customer communications and messaging system in UK. 
Gian Marco Cabiato
Head of Engineering
Orwell Group
Gian Marco became Orwell's Head of Engineering in 2017, managing strategic partnerships under the technology space and the Engineering experience across the whole group, with developer centres in London, Madrid and Poland. He joined Orwell in 2014 as Head of Mobile Payments Architecture. Prior to Orwell he designed mobile solutions and digital signage interactive applications for famous worldwide firms and their stores. He has more than a decade of experience working as a freelance IT consultant in the start-up scene, specialising in finance, cryptocurrencies and software and hardware bio-metrics applied to retail and customer engagement. During 2013 he focused on designing and managing the development of a payment platform that integrated the financial, mobile and online worlds which later became the point of contact with Orwell. He led the development of several software architectures interacting with both the banking world and the crypto-currencies universe.