Practical experiences using Atlas and Ranger to implement GDPR

Practical experiences using Atlas and Ranger to implement GDPR

Thursday, April 19
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room III

GDPR is the current focus of all organizations working with data in Europe. Svenska Spel are using Atlas and Ranger as an essential part to make our
data warehouse to conform to GDPR.
This presentation will show how Atlas and Ranger, together with Hive are used in practice to control access and masking of data in our data warehouse. We will demonstrate how we with a model driven development process, using data vault modeling, have extended our model with metadata. From the metadata we generate our access control configuration. The configuration is automatically synchronized to Atlas and Ranger in our deployment process.
Previously our data model was only used to generate most of our SQL code. By extending our data model with metadata for access control it became inevitably
the source of truth and guarantee the model's conformity with the reality. This have increased the quality of our data model and decreased maintenance. It helps us maintain our data over its full life cycle and ensures the
correct rules for access control is in place.

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Magnus Runesson
Data Engineer
Magnus Runesson is Senior Data Engineer at Tink responsible for architect, develop and operate Tinks BigData environment. He has a Master of Science and Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden. Magnus has a long experience to develop and operate distributed systems with high requirements on availability, performance, and integrity from organizations such as Spotify and the Swedish weather service. Magnus is the lead developer of open source tool cobra-policytool and was the driving force to open sourced it.