Multi-tenant Hadoop – the challenge of maintaining high SLAS

Multi-tenant Hadoop - the challenge of maintaining high SLAS

Thursday, April 19
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Convention Hall I - C

In shared configuration, the same Hadoop environment supports many applications. Each has
specific requirements and criticality (SLA). Yet they all rely on an assembly of shared application

At the same time, the life cycle of a cluster is not static in time. It evolves horizontally, with the
arrival of new applications, but also vertically, as the applications grow in load or evolve in
terms of functionality.
With this in mind, a multi-tenant production cluster presents several challenges including and
not limited to:
- Maintain a high level of SLA for a set of use cases with heterogeneous needs
- Plan and implement the architecture evolution of a cluster in production to ensure the
maintenance of SLA throughout the integration of new use cases on it
EDF will present how it manages this heterogeneity of SLA inherent of any Big Data cluster. EDF
is focusing on how it is renovating its cluster, its organization, its processes and its approach in
order to deliver a platform with strong SLA throughout its life cycle.

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Edouard Rousseaux
Tech Lead
I'm working in IT environments since 15 years. After several experience in IT engineering, I started playing with Big Data systems 4 years ago. I've spend 2 years helping SNCF to build its Big Data Platform. I joined EDF a couple of months ago. I'm currently Big Data Tech Lead for for the IT Production department of EDF.