IoT with Apache MXNet and Apache NiFi and MiniFi

IoT with Apache MXNet and Apache NiFi and MiniFi

Wednesday, April 18
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Convention Hall I - C

A hands-on deep dive on using Apachee MiniFi with Apache MXNet on the edge device including Raspberry Pi with Movidius and NVidia Jetson TX1. We run deep learning models on the edge device and send images, sensor data and deep learning results if values exceed norms. Using S2S data is sent to NiFi for further processing, additional deep learning processing, data augmentation. A stream of data is landed as ORC files in HDFS with Hive tables on-top.

Processed data in AVRO format with a schema stored in Schema Registry. Visualization is shown in Zeppelin.

Use Cases: Security Camera Monitoring, Utility Asset Anomaly Detection, Temperature and Humdiity filtering for devices.

This talk builds on several existing articles I have written:

Presentation Video


Timothy Spann
Field Engineer, Data in Motion
Tim Spann was a Senior Solutions Architect at AirisData working with Apache Spark and Machine Learning. Previously he was a Senior Software Engineer at SecurityScorecard (" helping to build a reactive platform for monitoring real-time 3rd party vendor security risk in Java and Scala. Before that he was a Senior Field Engineer for Pivotal focusing on CloudFoundry, HAWQ and Big Data. He is an avid blogger and the Big Data Zone Leader for Dzone ( He runs the the very successful Future of Data Princeton meetup with over 1192 members at He is currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at Cloudera in the Princeton New Jersey area. You can find all the source and material behind his talks at his Github and Community blog: