Inside open metadata—the deep dive

Inside open metadata—the deep dive

Wednesday, April 18
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Room II

In this session we take an in-depth look into the Apache Atlas open metadata and governance function.

Open metadata and governance is a moon-shot type of project to create a set of open APIs, types, and interchange protocols to allow all metadata repositories to share and exchange metadata. From this common base, it adds governance, discovery, and access frameworks to automate the collection, management, and use of metadata across an enterprise. The result is an enterprise catalog of data resources that are transparently assessed, governed, and used in order to deliver maximum value to the enterprise.

Apache Atlas is the reference implementation of the Open Metadata and Governance standards and framework ( This function will enable an Apache Atlas server to synchronize and query metadata from any open metadata-compliant metadata repository.

In this session we will cover how Open Metadata and Governance works. This includes: (1) the key components in Atlas, (2) the different integration patterns and APIs that vendors can use to integrate their technology into the open metadata ecosystem, and (3) how common metadata use cases such as searching for data sets, managing security (through Atlas/Ranger integration), and automated metadata discovery work in the active ecosystem.

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Mandy Chessell
Distinguished Engineer
Mandy Chessell CBE FREng CEng FBCS is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. Mandy is a trusted advisor to executives from large organizations, working with them to develop their strategy and architecture relating to the governance, integration and management of information. She is also driving IBM's strategic move to open metadata and governance through the Apache Atlas open source project. More information about Mandy’s work and publications can be found on LinkedIn: and her blog at