Hadoop Operations – Past, Present, and Future

Hadoop Operations - Past, Present, and Future

Wednesday, April 18
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Room III

Apache Ambari is used by thousands of Hadoop Operators to manage the deployment, lifecycle, and automation of DevOps for Hadoop ecosystem projects. The Ambari engineering team will talk about improvements being made to the automation, metrics, logging, upgrade, and other core frameworks within Ambari as the project is being re-imagined.

Starting out, Apache Ambari installed a handful of Apache Hadoop ecosystem projects, on a few operating systems, and helped with the most basic Hadoop operational tasks. Today, the product manages over 20 different services, runs on multiple major operating systems and versions, and automates many of the most challenging Hadoop operational tasks in the most secure customer environments.

As part of this talk, the engineering team will walk you through what we've learned, the challenges we've overcome, and how the Apache Ambari community has changed the product to handle them. The future is fast approaching, and with it comes new on-premise and cloud deployment architectures. See how Apache Ambari is being re-imagined to handle these new challenges.

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Paul Codding
Product Management Director
Paul Codding is a Product Management Director focussing on Apache Hadoop Operations at Hortonworks. Paul joined Hortonworks six years ago as a Solutions Engineer and was responsible for helping customers deploy Apache Hadoop at scale successfully. With those lessons learned, he currently leads the Hortonworks SmartSense and Apache Ambari projects.
Oliver Szabo
Senior Software Engineer
I'm a senior software engineer at Hortonworks, currently I'm working on Ambari Apache project, inside that I'm mainly focusing on Ambari Log Search and Solr