Data Driven Development of Autonomous Driving at BMW

Data Driven Development of Autonomous Driving at BMW

Wednesday, April 18
4:50 PM - 5:30 PM
Room I

The development of autonomous driving cars requires the handling of huge amounts of data produced by test vehicles and solving a number of critical challenges specific to the automotive industry.
In this talk we will describe these challenges and how we, at BMW, are overcoming them by adapting and reinventing existing big data solutions for our end-to-end data journey for autonomous driving. Our journey involves ingesting data produced by a variety of sensors into a dedicated Hadoop cluster, decoding the data, conducting quality control, processing and storing the data on the clusters, making it searchable, analyzing it and exposing it to the engineers working on the algorithms development.
In the first part of the talk we will present a general overview of the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned from them. In the second part we will deep dive into the most interesting technical issues. These include: dealing with automotive formats and standards that are not designed for distributed processing; defragmentation of sensory data; assuring the quality of the data coming from complex car hardware and software components; efficient data search across petabytes of data; and reprocessing the computing components running in the car inside the data center, which typically requires high performance computing.

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Felix Reuthlinger
Data Engineer for Autonomous Driving
BMW Group
Felix is a software engineer and a data architect at BMW, where he works on the autonomous driving project. He graduated from University of Applied Sciences at Augsburg. He started working as an intern for several automotive industries while studying computer science. After graduating from university, he started working at system integration and consulting companies focusing on IT projects for automotive companies. During these years Felix developed deep expertise on automotive IT systems, especially in the area of data management and data mining. He joined BMW in 2015 at the central IT department starting to build Big Data architectures based on Hadoop frameworks. He is now part of the Big Data team that supports the development of autonomous driving, where he designs and implements Hadoop platform-based solutions to ingest and process massive amounts of vehicle data and provide the data to the autonomous driving development team.
Dogukan Sonmez
Senior Software Engineer
BMW Group
Dogukan is a software engineer with many years of experience in building scalable solutions for various domains like big data, machine learning and cloud computing. He studied computer science and engineering at Marmara University in Istanbul. Currently he works on the autonomous driving project at BMW and prior to BMW he worked at SAP, Siemens and Sony for different research and development projects.