Best practices and lessons learnt from Running Apache NiFi at Renault

Best practices and lessons learnt from Running Apache NiFi at Renault

Wednesday, April 18
4:50 PM - 5:30 PM

No real-time insight without real-time data ingestion. No real-time data ingestion without NiFi ! Apache NiFi is an integrated platform for data flow management at entreprise level, enabling companies to securely acquire, process and analyze disparate sources of information (sensors, logs, files, etc) in real-time. NiFi helps data engineers accelerate the development of data flows thanks to its UI and a large number of powerful off-the-shelf processors. However, with great power comes great responsibilities. Behind the simplicity of NiFi, best practices must absolutely be respected in order to scale data flows in production & prevent sneaky situations. In this joint presentation, Hortonworks and Renault, a French car manufacturer, will present lessons learnt from real world projects using Apache NiFi. We will present NiFi design patterns to achieve high level performance and reliability at scale as well as the process to put in place around the technology for data flow governance. We will also show how these best practices can be implemented in practical use cases and scenarios.

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Kamelia Benchekroun
Data Lake Squad Lead
Renault Group
Kamélia completed her engineering education at Centrale Paris, where she earned her Master's degree in open computer systems. After a first professional experience at Bouygues Telecom as an IT Architect, Kamélia joined the Renault Group in 2015. She first held the position of Big Data Architect in the IT department "Innovation and Architecture". In just a few months, Kamélia has established itself as one of the big data specialists at Renault. Currently, she holds the position of Data Lake Squad Lead, responsible for designing, building and operating the Renault Datalake platform. Her mission is to Achieve the operational excellence of Data Lake by optimizing performance in a continuous improvement cycle.
Abdelkrim Hadjidj
Solution Engineer
Abdelkrim is a Solution Engineer at Cloudera with 10 years experience on several distributed systems (Big Data, IoT, Peer to Peer and Cloud). Before joining Cloudera, he held several positions including Big Data lead, CTO and Software Engineer at several companies. He was a speaker at various international conferences and published several scientific papers at well known IEEE and ACM Journals. Abdelkrim holds a PhD, MSc and MSe degrees in Computer Science.