Analyst panel unravels the data industry

Analyst panel unravels the data industry

Wednesday, April 18
11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Room II

Industry Expert Panel Unravels the Data Industry
The community is innovating at such an extraordinarily rapid pace that sometimes it seems impossible to stay abreast of the latest trends and disruptions across the industry. How can enterprise business and technical decision makers know what their competition is doing, what new tech can transform their business, or how to optimize their architecture? Enter the industry experts. In this session, Hortonworks’ Chief Technology Officer, Scott Gnau, will moderate a panel of top industry experts including Accenture Europe Big Data Chapter Lead Pankaj Sodhi, Ovum Analyst Laurent-Olivier Lioté and ZDNet Contributing Writer George Anadiotis to sort out cloud adoption, global data management, GDPR compliance, decipher the streaming/IoT landscape, and more.

Questions - as time permits
Adoption of cloud for big data workloads and analytical solutions. What is the role of hybrid? What kind of workloads are going to the cloud?
It is now common for companies to have data stored across multiple locations including on-prem and in the cloud. How can multi-location data management (or what we call Global Data Management), help organizations get the most out of their data and optimize their investments? And what should organizations look for when considering these solutions?
The GDPR implementation deadline is right around the corner (25 May 2018), where do you see most companies in terms their compliance journey? For those companies that are behind, what should they do to get started?
As you talk to clients about their big data maturity journey, what do you hear as people move into production? What are the steps they take and roadblocks they face? Who is the driver and influencers for projects? What cultural aspects are important for success, what leadership and changes required for success?
The IoT and streaming space is messy. How do you slice that market, what’s changing and what’s new?
Lots of hype on AI/ML but what’s real? Who’s actually doing it and where are we in that hype cycle?
Final question: As experts, you make predictions: what happened just like you thought, what didn’t happen, or what came out of nowhere that we didn’t see coming in this space? What’s going to have the biggest influence in our landscape?

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Scott Gnau
As Chief Technology Officer, Scott is responsible for the overall technology vision for Hortonworks and oversees the company’s Engineering, Product Management and Support organizations. Scott has spent his entire career in the data industry, most recently as president of Teradata Labs where he provided visionary direction for research, development and sales support activities related to Teradata integrated data warehousing, big data analytics, and associated solutions. He also drove the investments and acquisitions in Teradata’s technology related to the solutions from Teradata Labs. Scott holds a BSEE from Drexel University.