Airline reservations and routing: a graph use case

Airline reservations and routing: a graph use case

Wednesday, April 18
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Room IV

We've all been there before... you hear the announcement that your flight is canceled. Fellow passengers race to the gate agent to rebook on the next available flight. How do they quickly determine the best route from Berlin to San Francisco? Ultimately the flight route network is best solved as a graph problem. We will discuss our lessons learned from working with a major airline to solve this problem using JanusGraph database. JanusGraph is an open source graph database designed for massive scale. It is compatible with several pieces of the open source big data stack: Apache TinkerPop (graph computing framework), HBase, Cassandra, and Solr. We will go into depth about our approach to benchmarking graph performance and discuss the utilities we developed. We will share our comparison results for evaluating which storage backend use with JanusGraph. Whether you are productizing a new database or you are a frustrated traveler, a fast resolution is needed to satisfy everybody involved.

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Jason Plurad
Open Source Developer and Advocate
Jason Plurad is a software developer in IBM Digital Business Group. He develops open source software and builds open communities in the big data and analytics space. His focus has been on graph databases and graph analytics. He is a Technical Steering Committee member and committer on JanusGraph (scalable graph database) and Apache TinkerPop (graph computing platform). He has spoken previously at Apache: Big Data, DataWorks Summit, Graph Day, HBaseCon, Open Camps, Scylla Summit, IBM Insight, IBM InterConnect, IBM World of Watson, and local meetups.
Chin Huang
Software Engineer
Chin Huang is a software engineer at the IBM Open Technologies and Performance. He has worked on various enterprise and open source projects. His current focus is JanusGraph and node.js development and performance characterization.