Adapting to the exponential development of technology

Adapting to the exponential development of technology

Thursday, April 19
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room II

Digitalization is impacting every industry in every economy, disrupting markets and upending competitive hierarchies. Across every business discipline, from operations and manufacturing to marketing and sales, companies are struggling to integrate new data, new analytics, and new technologies into their existing processes and practices. Companies that successfully adapt to these new and accelerating changes will outperform their competitors

The new challenges require new ways of organizing, new social and technical architectures. In this session, we identify the key challenges businesses face in the era of massive digitalization, and the organizational and architectural steps that will enable savvy competitors to find business value in this time of tumultuous technical change.

The gap between first steps and effective digitalization is large. For instance, businesses can run scrum teams without being agile; can have a data science lab without supporting autonomous model deployment to consumer-facing processes and applications; and can stand up a Hadoop ecosystem without understanding how the components fit together or what to do with it.

Based on our deep experience with dozens of clients, we describe key differences in levels of technology maturity, and practical tactics leading companies are using to turn digital innovation into competitive advantage.

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Santiago Cabrera-Naranjo
Consulting Director
Santiago Cabrera-Naranjo is Consulting Director at Teradata Think Big Analytics. He is thereby responsible of advising Enterprises within their big data and advanced analytics strategy; leading them to innovative best-practice implementations with the goal to speed up time-to-market regardless their technology stack and initial organization. Furthermore, Santiago has been responsible to launch and grow Teradata’s Hub in Berlin and is active as keynote speaker. His computer science studies helped him to collect experience from different point of views across several sectors. From building up data infrastructures for Rocket-Internet Ventures to founding himself stampfy after winning the German StartupBus in 2011 at the Age of 24. Before joining Teradata, Santiago was responsible of building up the Analytical Landscape for BILD and for the adoption of new cutting-edge technologies at Axel Springer SE.