Deep in the weeds with Apache NiFi, MiNiFi and NiFi Registry

Discover Apache NiFi and MiNiFi from a core contributor. Whether you are new to the concept of data flow, or want details about how to route, transform, and process millions of events per second, this session will bring new information in an understandable format. Become familiar with the concepts and tools available to simplify, strengthen, and secure your flow. Learn about the new NiFi Registry to ease flow versioning, deployment, and promotion between environments. And get a first look at future enhancements and feature roadmaps for upcoming releases.

Data Science & Machine Learning – IBM


  • Good analytics needs good data and that needs good metadata
  • Building time series models to predict crypto currency prices with IBM DSX. Is it possible to become a Bitcoin millionaire using machine learning?
  • Deploying Machine Learning Models in Production
  • The all-encompassing IBM Cloud allows you to do more and fear less

Apache Metron Community Meetup

A chance for any and all current Apache Metron and Hortonworks Cybersecurity Platform users to get together and talk about the platform, their usecases, collaboration opportunities and generally focus on sharing knowledge and experience within the wider Metron community.

This is intended to be a free form session, with topics like shared development approaches, sharing of models, approaches to alerting and much much more.

Apache Hadoop 3. x – a Giant Leap for Big Data

Apache Hadoop 3.x ushers in major architectural advances such as Erasure Coding in HDFS, Containerized Workload Flexibility, GPU/FPGA Resource Pooling and a litany of other advanced features (Anti-affinity/affinity, Multiple standby name nodes).

The talk will walk the audience through real world use cases and deployment models, followed by technology deep dives of the building blocks.

GDPR or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Data Governance

The upcoming GDPR legislation represents a sea change for organizations that store or process data relating to EU residents. With penalties for violations up to 4% of annual global turnover, organizations are scrambling to comply with GDPR provisions. Join us as we discuss how effective data governance and access control help real enterprises manage risk effectively, comply with regulations and gain competitive advantage through agile decision-making.

Talk Night – Women Who Code Berlin Meetup

TOPIC: Technical challenges in open metadata

Developing standards and a reference implementation through Apache Atlas to enable organizations to manage data as an asset even when they use tools and platforms from multiple vendors. This type of problem is extremely complex and it needs the collaboration of multiple organizations to make it happen.

Apache Flink Berlin Meetup


#1 All your language belongs to us – Multi-language support on Apache Flink by Aljoscha Krettek

#2 Stateful Stream Processing in Containerland by Ufuk Celebi