Renault: A Data Lake Journey

Renault, the prestigious French car manufacturer, has undertaken several digital transformations in recent years. As a part of its data lake journey, Renault has seen measurable success across customer satisfaction, manufacturing, and engineering. Innovative initiatives that scan data across the data lake for keywords such as ‘incidents’ help with comprehensive insights. Renault is developing end-to-end traceability to suppliers for chargebacks to gain supply chain visibility. Incorporating data across multiple real-time streams including social feeds to understand customer sentiments about brand, products, services etc. have helped Renault align with organizational KPIs. Even on the manufacturing floor, Renault leverages IoT technology to gather streaming data from their machine sensors to implement predictive maintenance. Listen to Kamelia Benchekroun, Data Lake Squad Lead, explain how Renault has been able to harness the value of their enterprise and ecosystem data.

Keynote Video


Kamelia Benchekroun
Data Lake Squad Lead
Renault Group
Kamélia completed her engineering education at Centrale Paris, where she earned her Master's degree in open computer systems. After a first professional experience at Bouygues Telecom as an IT Architect, Kamélia joined the Renault Group in 2015. She first held the position of Big Data Architect in the IT department "Innovation and Architecture". In just a few months, Kamélia has established itself as one of the big data specialists at Renault. Currently, she holds the position of Data Lake Squad Lead, responsible for designing, building and operating the Renault Datalake platform. Her mission is to Achieve the operational excellence of Data Lake by optimizing performance in a continuous improvement cycle.