HDP-HDF Auto Scaling on Azure Using Cloudbreak

HDP-HDF Auto Scaling on Azure Using Cloudbreak

Thursday, March 21
11:50 AM - 12:30 PM
Room 131-132

Data-driven technology! That’s where every business is betting their services to expand their approach of being relevant in the market. Cloud services are becoming native solution to host business infrastructure for the economies of scale, scalability and reliability solution. If data is huge and complexity is deepen then Hadoop solution, is considered as one of the top most preferable option. But how Hadoop can deal with a scalable infrastructure solution?

This space was bridged by public cloud service providers to present their managed solution such as AWS EMR and Azure HDInsights. However, with some limitation of customization. Then, how can a business (so, does our client) can achieve a secured, scalable, reliable, cost effective and customizable solution on cloud? The answer is Hortonworks and its acquisition of SequenceIQ for presenting cloud scalable deployment solution with Cloudbreak.

This relevant gap for our client has presented us an opportunity to create an integrated and secured framework of Hortonworks Data platform (HDP) and Hortonworks Data flow (HDF) on Microsoft Azure IaaS using Cloudbreak. So that, it can not only help our clients to make faster business decisions or analytics but also to achieve economies of scale with highly scalable infrastructure solution.

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Jose L Sánchez
Big Data Platform Manager
Zurich Insurance
Jose Luis has been working with data since the very beginning of his carreer. For more than 9 years JL has been dealing with small and big data in quite different industries such as banking, utilities, airlines, software...He has been working in the full stack of a Data Engineer starting from pure development roles to operations. He is currently Platform Manager in Zurich at ServiZurich Technology Delivery Center managing a Big Data Plaftorm in order to enable Big Data processing and advanced analytics across the organization. Teacher in MBIT school in BI & Big Data Master, speaker @ codemotion 2016, expert in distributed systems and data transformation, cloud believer and happy father of 2 kids.
Abhishek Sakhuja
Senior Solution Technology Leader
Abhishek Sakhuja is a solution oriented Big Data and Cloud Architect with a rich experience of 7.4 years in the field of framework architectural designing, R&D, data modelling, Development, Administration and Data Science. An IT professional with an extensive knowledge in cross-functional IT project management and techniques, required for consulting, designing and managing projects. A certified cloud professional with a deep understanding of technologies to design, develop and implement technical infrastructure to foster organizational technology adaptation.