Data Beats Emotions – How DATEV Generates Business Value with Data-driven Decisions

Data Beats Emotions – How DATEV Generates Business Value with Data-driven Decisions

Wednesday, March 20
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room 127-128

Four years ago we started with a data analytics platform to learn more about how our customers use our on-premise software and how it behaves out in the fields regarding function usage, exception rates and overall performance.

The talk is about the journey we had to take, coming from an existing web apps statistics tracking system to our current and still evolving Hadoop based ETL system. This includes the current technologies we use and the approcache on how we support reporting and dashboards.
This new Hadoop platform is used to collect, transform, enrich with data warehouse data, and analyze millions of log files every day. The generated insights help us to make data driven decisions for portfolio management, UX-Design, and overall software quality improvements with real business value.

You will hear about the Dos and Donts we learned, what we think are best practices, and the new challenges we have to deal with while data volume and management awareness is still emerging.

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Matthias Mueller
Senior Software Engineer
Matthias is in software business for 25 years and used a lot of different techniques, like C/C++, Java, JS, and .NET while coding, consulting for software architectures, and was one of the first SCRUM masters at DATEV. He has a degree as Graduate Computer Scientist from Nueremberg Tech. Accompanying to his work he always did coaching and holding talks at DATEV. His current passion is keeping the ETL platform up to date and show product owners and management how they can get business value out of big data analysis.