Data Acquisition Automation for NiFi in a Hybrid Cloud environment – the Path towards DataOps

Data Acquisition Automation for NiFi in a Hybrid Cloud environment – the Path towards DataOps

Wednesday, March 20
2:50 PM - 3:30 PM
Room 129-130

Liberty Global is one of the world’s largest international TV and broadband company, operating in multiple European countries, and with tens of millions of TV, broadband internet, telephony and mobile subscribers.

The Data Solutions team's journey started last year with a strategic project that aimed to implement a state of the art Hybrid Cloud Big Data platform. In this talk, the Manager and the Platform Architect are presenting the team’s data acquisition journey which begins with implementing NiFi flows with simple Get-Put pattern and, in its the final iteration, produces a solution capable of generating complex flows automatically, leading the path to the DataOps way of working.

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Arda Basar
Senior Manager Data Solutions
Liberty Global
Data Solutions Manager with more than 10 years experience in Data Management, Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. Arda is currently responsible for the management and leadership of the IT Data Solutions team including Data Solution Architects, Big Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers and Delivery Managers. He is working with the team to explore innovative ways to deliver data driven applications.
Data Intensive and Cloud Solutions Architect
Devoteam NL
From the Devoteam NL consultancy team, taking the Lead Data & Analytics Architect role at Liberty Global - the world's largest international TV and broadband company. Designed hybrid cloud and on-premise Data Intensive platform. Closely collaborating with the customer, shaped the design and implemented the platform to enable agile, rapid on-boarding and implementation , data-ops enabled, exploratory driven, customer-friendly application design and implementation. Data intensive success solution track in Data Warehouse, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytical solutions for Banking, Telecommunications, Insurance and Public Administration.