Best Practices for Managing and Sharing Data in a Connected World

Best Practices for Managing and Sharing Data in a Connected World

Thursday, March 21
2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
Room 131-132

As the world becomes more connected, traditional industry boundaries are becoming more intrinsically linked as well. In the automotive industry, for example, connected vehicles are morphing into increasingly connected communities encompassing cities, homes, workplaces, insurance companies, commerce and beyond.

However, as the “art of the possible” is being pondered, pioneers are quickly discovering that connected community value is intrinsically related to the value of the data within the community. At the same time, this raises important data management questions. For example, how will data be shared and used within the community? How can security and governance be ensured? And, how can data management practices be audited over time to ensure compliance with established standards? In this session, learn how new technologies such as blockchain and open source data management solutions can be used to provide end-to-end data governance processes (i.e. data access, permissions and audit), essential for creating trust among community stakeholders.

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Michael Ger
General Manager, Manufacturing and Automotive
Michael Ger has over 25 years of experience working in industry and Information Technology strategy roles. He has deep cross-industry knowledge in product development, manufacturing, supply chain and customer experience related business processes. As General Manager of Manufacturing and Automotive Industries at Hortonworks, Mike is responsible for driving the solution vision and go-to-market strategies within each industry segment and works with industry leaders to drive next-generation business insights through Big Data Analytics. Prior to joining Hortonworks, Mike worked at Oracle for over 20 years as their Automotive Industry lead, at A.T. Kearney as an Automotive Management Consultant and at General Motors (Saturn Division) as a Product Engineer.
Sanjay Kumar
General Manager, Communications & Media Industry
Sanjay is a telecom industry veteran with extensive experience in the strategy and execution of next generation data-centric industry solutions for enhancing customer experience, optimizing network operations and increasing revenue generation through digital transformation. Sanjay currently leads the global communications & media business at Hortonworks helping communication service providers leverage Hadoop and NiFi to transform their data into a force of business growth and competitive differentiation and to drive data-centric solutions for the connected world & for Industrial IOT. Previously, he held executive roles, leading the global telecom industry business, solutions, and strategy at VMware, Pivotal, Progress Software, Savvion, and TMNG and has help drive business transformation, end-to-end architecture and new business initiatives at Bell Canada, Level3, AT&T Canada, Iowa Telecom, ETB, ATT/Ameritech, Wingcast, and other global service providers.