Key Lessons for a Successful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation done right is a long and challenging journey. However, there are ways to successfully pull off this fundamental shift to the cloud and make sense of data generated throughout the organization. In his keynote, Peter Weckesser will share five key lessons learned at Airbus: running “digital” as if it were a software product, pushing for experiments that invite turbulence, cultivating a team of creatives and challengers in the organization, and heading for a broad and deep culture change. Overall, this can be done while satisfying the stringent security and compliance requirements of a defense company.

Keynote Video


Dr. Peter Weckesser
Digital Transformation Officer
Airbus Defence and Space
Since March 2017, Peter Weckesser serves as Airbus Defence and Space´s Digital Transformation Officer. He joined Airbus from Siemens, where he has been the COO of Product Lifecycle Management, leading the Siemens IoT and Digital Enterprise business and activities. Prior to this, he held various executive-level positions at Siemens, being CEO of Industry Services and CEO of Value Service Business Unit, as well as Vice-President of “Human Machine Interface”. Peter Weckesser holds a degree in Physics and a PhD degree in Computer Science, both from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany), although he also spent a year studying at the Armstrong State University in the USA as part of his education in Informatics.